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Beat the Summer Heat

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Hot temperatures

Summer is here and we need to think serious about working in heat and high humidity.  Too much heat and humidity can make people sick.  Everyone reacts differently to heat but we all need to know how to recognize and treat heat emergencies.

Normally the body cools itself by sweating.  When the outside temperature is equal to or above the temperature of the body and the humidity is high, our sweat does not evaporate and the body can become overheated.  Heat emergencies fall into three different categories.

Heat cramps

Heat exhaustion 

Heat stroke

Here are some basic things we can do to prevent heat emergencies and make it easier for our bodies to handle the heat and humidity.  Get a good nights sleep, eat moderately on hot days, wear loose fitting, lightweight clothing, drink plenty of cool water, etc.  Even some prescription drugs may affect your tolerance to heat.  Never ignore the sympotoms of heat illness in yourself or a co-worker.  Get help immediately!